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Suns out Guns out

Suns out Guns out

Well I am sure you have all heard the saying “suns out, guns out” well its that time again, t shirts and vest tops for the next few months, so how to build a decent arm?

Well most newbies get it massively wrong as they over train the biceps massively, you see it in the gym all the time, a newbie comes into the gym with the intention of looking good in a t shirt and they hit arms from every direction, barbell curls, dumbbell curls, alternation curls, preacher curls, the list goes on and that’s just 1 workout.

So lets look at the bicep, its made up of 2 heads with slightly different attachments, It’s also one of the smallest muscles on the body and its not used to a lot of additional work, its already used in any pulling motions, so every time you work your back the bicep is getting some work…..It does not need the hours of additional exercise that a newbie gives it, later on maybe as a lifter becomes more advanced some additional exercises will become necessary, but not too early.

Don’t forget also, the upper arm is made up of another Muscle too, The tricep a 3 headed muscle that makes up 2 thirds of the upper arm, again this muscle gets a lot of use in pushing exercises, chest press, shoulder press etc, so its already used a bit, but as its that bit bigger it should possibly get a little bit more exercise than the bicep.

You also have the lower arm (the forearm) and the muscles that tie the two parts together, these also make up 50% of the arm and are important in grip for most exercises

For a total beginner I would only do perhaps barbell curls as part of a full body routine along with a tricep French press (or skull crusher) along the same line 3 sets of 8 reps

If we were more advanced and doing a split routine or an arm only day of a full split routine then I would do barbell curl, dumbbell seated curl, hammer curl, wrist reverse curl, then skull crushers, tricep cable press down, tricep extensions.

Full arm routine

Super set Barbell curl 3 x 8 Tricep skull crushers 3 x 8

Seated dumbbell curl 3 x 8

Seated hammer curl 3 x 8

Preacher curl supersetted with tricep extension 3 x 8

Cable press down 3 x 8

Tricep kickbacks 3 x 8

Standing reverse barbell curl 3 x 8

A routine like this however should only be done 1 time a week towards the end of a week to ensure at least 2 days rest before you come back to training, as I said they are small muscle groups and need recovery time

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