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I had a client come into the gym yesterday that had read my recent post about 1 size fits all workout and my basic 3 x 8 routine. At the bottom I had mentioned my version of 5 x 5 routine, now there are a few different variations of a 5 x 5 and mine has 2 variations 1 a more basic routine and an advanced version with added exercises, the premise of both is the same.

So, to my 5 x 5 variation 1. Firstly, this isn’t really a beginners routine as the intensity needs to be high and we will be pushing close to failure on every set and failing to hit the full rep set range regularly.

The main exercises remain the same as with the 3 x 8 routine Arnold press, dumbbell row, chest press, squat and deadlift (in version 2 there is an additional assistance exercise done 3 x 8 after the 5 x 5 for that exercise body part.

So for example you are doing the Arnold press for 3 x 8 routine weight was 25kg per hand so for 5 x 5 you pick something you can just about do set one for, then proceed to try all 5 sets of 5 (you may get 5, 5, 4, 4, 3 on day one, 5, 4, 4, 3, on day 2 and something like 5, 5, 5, 4, 4 on day 3 however you keep going until all 5 sets have 5 reps……once you have hit full 5 x 5 you add another decent increase in weight….. It may sound severe and it is intense, but you do see weight going up in the big lifts quickly.

Variation 2, doesn’t differ in the weight or the ideal for the 5 x 5 part, but the second part is 3 x 8 of an assistance exercise done directly after finishing the 5 x 5 for a particular exercise, so for our shoulder example you would do 5 x 5 Arnold press followed by 3 x 8 lateral raise.

Assistance exercises would be something like Lateral raise, chest flye, straight arm pulldown, lunge, Romanian deadlift or hip thrusters

That’s about it and an interesting variation of the standard 5 x 5 routine

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