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During this current situation (corona virus outbreak) and facing lockdown people have had to start working from homer, been unable to train at their local gym and generally missed out on their normal lives. Without lock down it is easier to keep focus, you get in the car and drive to work, you finish work and go to the gym, there’s a structure you can follow and the goals you have made are easier to adhere to, but what now, we get up in the morning, some of us on furlough have not even the luxury of starting work at a certain time, those lucky enough to be able to work from home have their structure disrupted by children being off, no work, no gym to go to, all these things make it a lot harder to A/. get motivated and B/. stay motivated you also need to become accountable to yourself.

Years ago, just after coming back from Portugal I did an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) course, It wasa free introductory 2 day course and largely focused on motivation and getting results from setting goals, one of the main focuses was to “WRITE IT DOWN” this has stuck with me. Sunday evening I will sit and work out my week, writing it down and ticking off the points as I work through them, this keeps me accountable at the start of the week, as I go through each day I use the little 4 pointer at the bottom at the end of each day to again keep the motivation there and to keep me accountable

To put it simply follow these 8 steps

1/ Set Goals (make them attainable)

2/ Choose goals that interest you

3/ Find things that interest you within goals that don’t

4/ make your goal public (friends and family help keep you motivated)

5/ Plot your progress

6/ break up your goal (break the goal down in to smaller more reachable targets)

7/ Use rewards (if its diet based don’t go and promise yourself a doughnut, but maybe a new outfit)

8/ Don’t do it alone (support, whether it’s from your trainer a colleague or a friend it keeps you accountable)

Here’s a useful little thing I use to help with my own accountability, simply an End of day roundup

This will help anyone to keep structure and some accountability to use this

1/ What 1 thing did you accomplish today?

2/ What resource did you use today for self-development?

3/ What are you grateful for?

4/ How have you looked after yourself today?

Write down and keep for yourself or post it up on the “What’s App” group

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