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HiiT Training for MMA

Now I am a fan of hiit training to help with weight loss, but its extremely effective to help build your anaerobic threshold, something that is extremely important in MMA.

With an MMA fighter I like to use exercises that imitate areas of fight sequence, so positions starting from a grappling/ground position or an exercise starting in guard position on the floor and moving to standing, I also like to add in Plyometrics and proprioceptive movements too as well as the more standard “assault bike” “battling rope” style exercises too.

With timings I like to use standard TABATA timings as well as a more “Fartlek” style of varying times and intensities to mimic a fight sequence. I also base total length of training blocks in to “Just over” round length as you want to stay on top of the fitness level, so a 3 minute round would see training blocks of around 3.5 to 4 minutes and 5 minute rounds would have training blocks around 5.5 to 6 minutes

I’m a big fan of Assault (Air dyne) bikes for Tabata’s and other general interval lengths (but Tabata works well) along with standing ski erg and rower. They provide the base layer.

I like to use battling ropes too, in both standing and sitting positions, but for MMA also Lying both prone and supine.

If you where around training 10 or so years ago you would have heard of “Prowler flu” the feeling you get after pushing a “Prowler” sled up and down for a while. We built our first one at my first gym in Portugal and used it to great success on the road outside the gym, attracting the interest of local MMA and Vale Tudo fighters. They are making more and more appearances in mainstream gyms here in the UK and another great piece of kit for HiiT and the MMA fighter

Plyo Boxes, Speed ladders and hurdles also work well, sledgehammers against tyres if done properly, tyre flipping too and even some strongman events.

So to a routine, pick a few bits….start maybe with Tabata on air dyne in to plyo jumps into kettlebell swings into lying battling ropes supine into prone ropes into medicine ball slams maybe 5.5 minutes total work with spurts of Tabata and 30 second into 10 second rest into Tabata….. then rest 3 mins and repeat for 3 times in total.


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