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GH…. Human Growth Hormone

This is something following on from my Blog post on Steroids, that I think can be of use as you age.

My story here starts again, when I came back from Portugal, I Opened a gym shortly after my return, I had to put a lot of work into fitting out and decorating the gym and once open set about running the place. I started work at around 5.30am and didn’t finish until 8 or 9pm Monday to Friday and then Saturdays and Sundays too, working somewhere close to 80 plus hours per week and not managing to workout.

During this time I started to feel unwell, I couldn’t put my finger ion it, just little bits and pieces, I probably saw the doctor more in that year than I have done the rest of my life, he was no real help and we tried bits and pieces, medications etc, I had no real success with any. So I started reading up on things DHEA was a book I read and from that and some questions asked on a few forums It was suggested that I look at HGH (Human Growth Hormone), I was aware that Sylvester Stallone had used It (he had been arrested in Australia trying to take it into the country) he looked in good shape, But there was also talk about the Big bodybuilders taking it (in much higher doses) and getting things like distended intestines and other weird side effects, none of which I wanted, however in small doses there where lots of benefits and it seemed they would help against the symptoms I was showing.

There was also the talk about the price HGH is incredibly expensive when you look at the doses these bodybuilders are taking, however in the doses I was looking at it wasn’t really that bad.

I decided to try it, very low dosage and daily 5 days a week, with weekends off, well for me it was almost immediate, I started to feel less ill very quickly and started feeling properly better shortly after that (week 2). When I say better, it was like a new lease of life for me, I started training again and felt eager to do so, to the extent that I decided to start competing again.

Would I recommend it? Its hard to say, it worked for me and it worked well, but I had felt so ill for so long I would have tried anything. I did do a load of research into it and though I don’t take it any longer I would certainly go back to it if I started feeling the same again.

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