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Getting back to a post covid gym and getting the best out of it by utilising the knowledge a personal trainer can bring to it

At the moment of writing we are still social distancing at 2 metres,, but that is due to go down to 1 metre this Saturday (tomorrow), however in the gym (our gym at park royal at least) we will maintain the 2 metre distancing for the time being at least.

On entering the gym, you will be expected to wipe hands before and after use of the keypad (though we have the facility to avoid touchpad entry now).

There are many stations with alcohol for hands and wipes and spray for equipment, You will be expected to use that before and after use, you will also notice taped areas, equipment like benches etc must remain in those areas and you will be able to bring weights too and from those areas, wiping items down when you do, the same thing applies in the boxed in areas of the studios and functional areas and you will only be allowed to train on your own or with a trainer keeping socially distanced “no spotting allowed” here is where again a PT can help by setting up equipment to keep it safe for you, you can’t even workout with a friend or partner as it is too difficult to police even if you are married too, or living with them.

Please not there will be NO BAGS ON GYM FLOOR AT ALL, DO NOT BRING A TOWEL, but rather use the paper towels and wipes in the gym

If you look Ill or feel Ill please don’t come to the gym, if you look to have covid symptoms you will be asked to leave the gym and self-isolate. There will be a ZERO tolerance in the gym during this time as it affects both members and staff health

As for training, and where a trainer will be of help is that you will not be able to move from station to bench and back as it will not be allowed to remain empty and un cleaned, so you will need to either come up with exercises that keep you in a taped box or on 1 piece of equipment without hogging it

Cardio equipment is well spread out so there should be no real problems there maintaining distancing but where possible try not to breath directly facing somebody, the way kit is spread out it’s pretty clear.

Moving forward and into studios when classes do start, they will probably start with lower intensity workouts where you can remain in your own 2m sq. comfortably.

We NEED to get gyms back open and we NEED to keep everyones health a priority so sticking to the rules is very important.

Personally, I’m not a believer in wearing masks but if you feel the need its quite ok to wear one, though there are differing proofs on the effective ness of them

Moving forward the social distancing in gyms will reduce and some spotting will be possible when it does please remember to not breath directly into the face of spotter and likewise the PT should be aware also

In this article I haven’t talked about the release of stress, the benefits to mental health etc getting back to some sort of gym normality, hopefully this is the start we all need to get back to some normality

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