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Building the kettlebell swing

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Build your glutes, improve hip mobility, strengthen and stabilize the core


In today’s world we spend the majority of our days doing things in front of us with terrible posture. We crouch over keyboards while our chests cave in and our hips shorten from sitting. We drive with our arms in front of us while, again, we’re seated with ever shortening hip flexors.

Doctors and some physios talk about gluteal amnesia, its not really forgotten how to work, but its weakened through lack of correct use and surrounding muscles take over, you an see this in the deadlift where the hamstrings or lower back start the lift before the glutes fire

Using our glutes better will help our posture both statically and in movement

THE KETTLEBELL SWING CAN HELP you Build your glutes, improve hip mobility, strengthen and stabilize the core.

The swing….. start with the feet just wider than the kettlebell at the knee (so you don’t smash your knees with the bell). To get the swing to start properly we need to know how to hinge at the hip keeping the spine neutral. Start with the bell just at the back of the heels and stand with a slight bend in the knee and your body bending from the hip with the spine neutral. Strongly clench the glutes and thrust them forward, this will propel the kettlebell forward and into the start of the swing, keep the arms relaxed and not over gripping the kettlebell, the hip thrust should be powerful enough to propel the kettlebell up and forward in an arc to about eye line. When the bell gets to the point of zero gravity let the bell fall back wards without bending the knees any further or deeper than that neutral “soft knee” position, it should pass through the knees a little further back than the pick up, snap the gluts again and thrust the hips forward…..continue with the swing

This swing should be smooth and steady focusing on the hip hinge, neutral spine and strongly flexed glutes. Keep the hands and arms relaxed through the swing

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