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So as some of you may be aware, I had some anxiety issues over 2019, due to some people close to me passing away unexpectedly amongst other things and out of my control. As a bit of a control freak this started off my anxiety issues. Rather than go into denial or taking the medication route I decided to seek some professional help.

This for me took roll of seeing a colleague/friend of mine who is a psychologist and hypnotherapist. We talked (I talked) and ran through many coping mechanisms one of which is exercise. Not so much weights but more the steady state cardio style that helps release feel good endorphins. It helped me immensely.

Now with the lockdown happening that will start to exclude parks and outdoor spaces, there will be an increase in mental health issues and depression and anxiety. Depression about losing businesses and houses and the anxiety and not knowing what’s happening next.

I have already had a couple of slight anxiety attacks as the gym closed and potential to lose my business and anything that goes with it. It helps that I know the signs and can do something about it early enough. Infact I have a session booked in with my friend this week to keep on top of it all.

So, what can we do exercise wise? I have been busy writing and posting and filming exercise routines some of which you can do with no equipment at all and some with some basic pieces of kit.

This post isn’t really about the exercises but more that something can be done.

Ill post up some exercise routines later, But here’s one

The circuit American sprint 10 seconds Burpees 10 reps Power squats 10 reps Mountain climber 20 reps Press Ups 10 reps Shoulder press into kick back 10 reps (water bottles or cans) Tricep dips 10 reps Step ups 20 reps Sit Ups 10 reps

This is the sort of thing you can do with little space and a couple of tunes to keep you focussed.

If you are stuck for routines to do please go to my Facebook Group #trainwithpaul personal training, there are a load of routines and videos on there

Ill leave it there, if anybody is going through any issues with mental health, depression or Anxiety call Mark Lidster at HA2 Hypnotherapy even in lock down he can talk over skype or zoom

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