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Results-Based Personal Training Plans

Training That's Personal

We understand that one-on=one sessions are essential for some people in order to improve their lives. Having to regularly attend a gym and work out in front of strangers is what puts many of us off and can send us even further away from achieving our goals. Our one-on-one fitness sessions are incredibly effective, not just for athletes but inexperienced people too. We can devote all our time and attention to working on your individual milestones without any pressure. 

If you'd like to have your own personal training plan at #TrainWithPaul, just give us a call or an email to schedule your free consultation. We're available at Pure Gym Park Royal as well as various sites Northwest London, Hertfordshire, and Watford.

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Trust Your Gut

With decades of experience in both competitive sport and personal training, we can create the most effective workout plans in a broad range of training styles, from MMA to strongman. All you need is the motivation to truly change your life and we'll work together to make it happen. 


Expect a mature approach to improving your body and fitness levels. 


Experience in multiple training styles allows us to help anyone that needs us. 


All personal training plans begin with a free consultation. 


We're here to take your fitness seriously and deliver on our promises. 

Personal training plans and prices

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60 minute sessions

1 session £50
3 Sessions £144      £48 each
5 Sessions £225     £45 each
10 sessions £400     £40

30 Minute sessions

1 session £30
10 sessions £250     £25 each

Direct Debit Minimum 12 sessions 30 and 60 minute

DD 60 minute  £38 per session paid out weekly
DD 30 minute  £22 per session paid out weekly

12 week package 3 sessions per week 60 and 30 minute sessions

60 minute x 12 weeks x 3 sessions per week     £1300     £36 per session
30 minute x 12 weeks x 3 sessions per week     £760     £21 per session

Personal training plans that work 

No matter your sport or amount of experience in a fitness environment, #TrainWithPaul in London is here to help you improve yourself without the typical pressures of a public gym. Give us a call or use our contact form and ask about our personal training plans. 





Park Royal Leisure Park, Western Ave

London W3 0PA

Tel: 07917 351 383


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