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What We're About

For the past two decades, #TrainWithPaul has combined professional experience as both a personal trainer and an international athlete to offer dedicated, results-based workouts. After committing to his own body transformation, Paul Joseph is motivated to help others achieve the same. 

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We've helped hundreds of people in need of a personal trainer to achieve peak fitness. 


We can help you improve in numerous sports with a variety of training styles. 


Start your journey to improving your wellbeing with a free consultation. 


Taking a professional approach to your body transformation. 

Slim Down and Tone Up

Finding the time to hit the gym regularly is a challenge in itself. #TrainWithPaul gives you the body transformation you're chasing, but on the schedule that's best for you. Working with a personal trainer gives you the flexibility to decide when you work out and leaves out all the stresses and pressures of the typical gym environment. 

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Get With Your Programme

#TrainWithPaul gives you your own unique workout plan and can provide the personalised training you need to make real change in yourself. Some of the areas we specialise in are:

Endurance Training

Weight Loss

Toning and Firming



Kettlebell Training​

Mobility and Flexibility

Strength and Conditioning

Functional Movement

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Train With Paul on social media 

You can keep up with #TrainWithPaul and what it's like to be a personal trainer on social media. We regularly share updates of our clients' latest accomplishments, body transformations, and more. 

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Paul Joseph, personal trainer


Paul Joseph

International personal trainer Paul Joseph has been providing bespoke workouts for the last 20 years. Having competed in international martial arts, triathlons, and strongman competitions, Paul can provide workouts to support the development of people with all abilities. We work with people who want to improve their lives as well as athletes who are striving for gold. Just enquire about a free consultation. 


qualifications and areas of expertise:

Functional Specialist

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Nutritional Guidance

Persistent Motivation

Special Populations

Sport-Specific Training

Strength and Conditioning

Level 4 Personal Trainer (Backcare, Special Populations, and GP Referral)

Strength and Conditioning Coach (UKSCA and BWL affiliated)

Sports Therapist

Level 3 Trigger Point Therapy Practitioner

Dry Needling Specialist

Corrective Exercise Solutions

MoveWell Biomechanics specialist

NASM Optimum Performance Training

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30-Minute Personal Training

This is the ideal option for weight loss or experienced lifters looking to improve their training. You'll be responsible for your own warm-up and cool down. 

​Book in small blocks of 3 or 10 sessions with one, two, or three sessions per week. Direct debit only. 

60-Minute Personal Training


Longer sessions are perfect for those looking to lift weights, tone up, and lose weight. We can also improve your lifting technique better over a 60-minute session.

​Book in small blocks of 3 or 10 sessions with one, two, or three sessions per week. Direct debit only. 

Time to take control 

Let us know what type of training style you're interested in by giving us a call or sending an email. We can support your improvements in any sport and if you're just looking to improve your wellbeing. Get in touch today for your free consultation. 




Park Royal Leisure Park, Western Ave

London W3 0PA

Tel: 07917 351 383


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